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August 18, 2018! Registration

Registration is now open Sharmila Nine West UInlRbm

We do offer partial discounts for those canceling during our cancellation periods.

If you need to cancel your registration for any reason, a discount code for 75% of your race registration fee will be offered until 21 days prior to the race date. No discounts codes will be given within 21 days before the event.

No discounts codes will be given within 21 days before the event.

Discount codes can be used to register for another Tri 4 Schools event and will be valid for 12 months after the event date.

You may also defer your entry to another Tri 4 Schools event within 21 days of the Middleton triathlon. This costs $5 and is valid for another event within 12 months.

Want to have your t-shirt correct size guaranteed? Want your name on your race bib? Please register by August 5th.

Scholarships Available! If your child would like to participate in the Tri 4 Schools Kids Triathlon and will require financial assistance to enter, please contact our Race Director at [email protected] .

Scholarships Available!

The Tri 4 Schools race will be held at the Bauman Aquatic Center in Middleton and surrounding neighborhood. Safety is our primary concern so we may create a fun race for all participants!


The swim will be held in the outdoor pool at the Bauman Aquatic Center. The short and modified medium course swimmers will start at the island in the middle of the pool and swim in towards the shallow water. They will only be in water over their head for approximately eight feet. The standard medium and long distance course athletes will complete their swim in the lap lane portion of the pool, and will exit the pool on the end closest to the parking lot (transition area). We will use lane lines to help keep kids going in one direction safely and smoothly, and athletes will cross under the lane lines as they “snake” across the pool. The swim map is below for your review:

In case of rain, the race will continue unless it is deemed to be unsafe by local authorities on the morning of the race. Please check back on our race site prior to race day to check in on weather updates!

To all parents/guardians: your child must be comfortable in a pool to participate. ONLY children who are registered in the short or modified medium coursecan use a flotation device such as a noodle or kickboard. Lifeguards can temporarily assist them if needed, but they cannot pull your child through the water for the duration of the swim course. Please work with your children on being comfortable in the water, or consider making a relay team with a more experienced swimmer. Thank you for your cooperation!

Bik e

The bike course will take place on neighborhood streets surrounding the Bauman Aquatic Center. Participants will do one or two loops depending on age, with our youngest athletes completing one loop of a shorter course. All roads on the bike course will be closed to traffic, meaning no cars will be allowed to leave their driveways during the event. We will also have police-controlled intersections and 30 course volunteers helping children and neighborhood citizens stay safe during the event. Training wheels are allowed for this race.

You can view and print this version as well: Emelie Lace Premium SOREL ff216i
(2018 routes are the same as 2017)

Long Course

The long course athletes will complete TWO loops of the course below.

1. When exiting the parking lot and transition area, turn left onto Bristol Street.

2. Turn left on Franklin St.

3. Turn left on Woods Rd.

4. Turn left on Maywood Ave.

5. Turn right on Mayflower Dr.

6. Follow the road to the right as it turns in to Columbus Dr.

7. Turn around in the cul de sac of Pinta Ct.

8. Proceed back on Columbus Dr. on the right side of the road.

9. Turn right on Maywood Ave.

10. Turn left on Bristol Street to complete a second loop OR if you have completed the second loop, turn right to head to the parking lot and transition area.

Medium Modified Medium Course

Both of our medium courses will complete one loop of the course in the same direction as the long course. Instead of turning left on Bristol Street, they will turn right and re-enter the parking lot and transition area. Please see the long course description for turn-by-turn directions.

Short Course

The short course bike will be an out-and-back loop of Bristol Street.


The run course will be take place on the Middleton High School campus for our short and medium course athletes,and on the Pheasant Branch trail for our long course athletes. The courses are shown below.

Long Course Run Map

The long course run includes a large stretch of running along the south side of the Pheasant Branch trail. Our oldest athletes will exit the transition area on the opposite side as the short and middle courses and turn left onto Park Lawn Place. They will then make a left onto the Pheasant Branch trail, and take that until it meets up with Parmenter St. Athletes will turn left and run on the sidewalk, making a left into the Office Building parking lot. They will run through the lot, cross Clark St. and run on the sidewalk around the MASH parking lot, crossing Lee St. and entering Firemen’s Park.

Medium Course Run Map

Both of the medium distance run courses takes place largely on grass. Upon exiting the transition area, athletes will merge onto the sidewalk in front of the high school track, turning leftat the end and crossingLee Street onto the sidewalk in front of the Performing Arts Center. They will then cross the street and make a loop of the practice baseball field and football field before crossing Lee St. and entering Firemen’s Park.

Short Course Run Map

The short course run takes place completely on the sidewalk, with one street crossing. Upon exiting the transition area, athletes will merge onto the sidewalk in front of the high school track andturn left at the end. They will cross Lee St. and run onto the sidewalk in front of the Performing Arts Center,and finish by turning left into Firemen’s Park.

Transition Area

The area is divided into three sections according to race distance, and will have color-coded signs with names of fruits on themto help children remember where their belongings are located. You will place your bike, shoes, helmet, water bottle and any other items you need during the bike and run portions of the race here prior to going to the pool for the swim start.

Cory Yellow Box t7oj5N

The divisions anddistancesare as follows. Please note that kids can choose the most appropriate distance for them, regardless of age:


The race will be held at the Bauman Aquatic Center – 2400 Park Lawn Place, Middleton, WI 53562

Driving directions via Google Mapscan be found.


There are three parking lots available on race day. We will have limited parking available in the high school lot in front of the track. Both this lot and the Performing Arts Center are open for parking, but these will NOT be open to exit during the race.

If you need to exit during the race, we recommend parking in the Lee St./Clark St. lot across from the finish line and Firemen’s Park.

For a map of all parking lots, including handicap accessible parking, please check out the map below. Alternatively, a printable map is located .

Site Map

Please avoid parking on the streets being used for the race, as those roads will be closed for the duration of the race and you will not be able to exit.

The parking lot in front of the Bauman Aquatic Center and the MHS track will not be open for parking, as they will be used during the race. Please do not enter from Park Lawn Place as you will be directed back towards Parmenter Street.

Key Things to Remember:

Friday,August 17th – Harbor Athletic Club

Saturday,August 18th – Bauman Aquatic Center, Middleton, WI

Here are the rules we will follow for our race. These are in place for the safety of all of our participants, spectators, and volunteers!

registered in the short or modified medium course
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There are a few key differences.

By Marcia Moody
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Seven years later, how will the transition be for the newest senior royal bride Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex?

There are many similarities between the early royal experiences of Kate and Meghan—they have both received training in the fields of personal safety, etiquette, international diplomacy, and royal history; they both had to give up independent lives in order to become public figures; and both are now full-time senior working royals. But there will still be several key differences between the two duchesses’ first years in the royal spotlight.

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At the age of 29, Kate was younger and less-experienced in public life than Meghan was when she became royalty, so in some ways she faced the greater challenge. Though she had been Prince William's girlfriend for years, she had been largely shielded from reporters. After her wedding, the Duchess of Cambridge had to adjust quickly to being one of the most high-profile and highly scrutinized people in the world with very little experience with the press.

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Kate was eased onto the public stage, carrying out only six official duties between her engagement announcement and wedding, and her first post-wedding appearance was a diplomatic reception with the Obamas almost a month after her big day.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s first engagement without William was a visit with the Queen to the public exhibition of Kate's wedding dress three months after her wedding; her first solo engagement was undertaken six months after the wedding; charity patronages were announced eight months after the wedding; and her first speech came almost a year later.

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Las calles se han llenado de policías uniformados y vestidos de civil y, así como los miembros del Basij, que conducen motocicletas, una fuerza voluntaria bajo la Guardia Revolucionaria. Los enfrentamientos han cobrado la vida de más de 20 personas .

cobrado la vida de más de 20 personas

Nueve personas murieron en la noche del lunes, en la región de Isfahán, en el centro de Irán, según medios locales. Entre las víctimas se encuentran seis manifestantes que murieron en enfrentamientos con las fuerzas de seguridad cuando atacaban la comisaría de la ciudad de Qahderijan. Además, murió un niño de 11 años tiroteado , un miembro de los Guardianes de la Revolución de un disparo y un policía.

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Estas víctimas se suman a las 10 que perdieron la vida en la noche del domingo, y a las dos producidas la noche anterior, la mayoría por disparos.

Además, las fuerzas de seguridad han detenido a más de 450 personas en la capital, Teherán y el gobierno amenaza con acusar a los manifestantes de delitos penados con la muerte . "Cada día que pase y las personas sean detenidas, aumentará su crimen y castigo y nosotros ya no los consideramos manifestantes por sus derechos, sino que quieren perjudicar al régimen", dijo este martes el presidente del Tribunal Revolucionario de Teherán, Musa Ghazanfarabadí, según la agencia iraní de noticias Tasnim.

delitos penados con la muerte

Los detenidos serán declarados culpables de diferentes delitos, entre los que figuran "atentar contra la seguridad nacional" y la "enemistad con Dios" (moharebeh), ambos penados con la condena a muerte, aclaró Ghazanfarabadí .

"enemistad con Dios"

El presidente de Estados Unidos, Donald Trump, ha tuiteado varias veces apoyando las protestas "El pueblo de Irán está actuando contra su brutal y corrupto Gobierno. Todo el dinero que el presidente Obama les dio de manera tonta, fue para sus bolsillos y el terrorismo. La gente no tiene derechos, hay poca comida y mucha inflación . Los EEUU están observando".

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The people of Iran are finally acting against the brutal and corrupt Iranian regime. All of the money that President Obama so foolishly gave them went into terrorism and into their “pockets.” The people have little food, big inflation and no human rights. The U.S. is watching!

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, stehen die Inhalte dieser Seite unter der Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License .

Scratch ist ein Projekt der Lifelong Kindergarten Group des MIT Media Lab. Es ist kostenlos erhältlich unter Workman Bogs J3yLG9


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